Security and Compliance

Beam Software provides flexible hosting options for our clients using either the secure Microsoft Azure cloud or in your own single-tenant Azure data center. We understand the business-critical complexities of receivables management data security standards and help you meet the most rigid requirements.

Cloud Services

BEAM was designed from the ground up for optimized performance in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Our platform integrates seamlessly with the robust security features of Microsoft Azure. We enable our clients to leverage the hardware and software expertise of Microsoft, providing a reliable and secure cloud hosting experience. Beam Software can even provision your organization additional server resources like CPU and memory on the fly to accommodate growing performance requirements.

Granular Access

Provide access to account records or specific data fields with specific user roles, rights, and entitlements. BEAM gives you maximum control by providing granular user access to certain features, screens, and data fields. This restricted access provides heightened security levels and allows you to customize your data access management plan based on individual user levels.

IP Whitelisting

Lock down access to your BEAM data based on specific IP address whitelisting. Protect against unauthorized access by restricting access to your data to only users that are physically located on your office networks. Create custom options for remote users or senior management.

Azure Whitepaper

Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting meets the strictest data security requirements. The Microsoft data facilities have achieved compliance with stringent standards including FedRAMP, HIPPA, PCI DSS, and SOC2 among others. Learn more in the Azure Security Center.

Data Encryption

Beam Software helps you protect your data to meet your organizational security and compliance commitments.  Encryption transforms data so that only someone with the decryption key can access it.  BEAM employs data encryption at rest and disk encryption, as well as transparent data encryption to encrypt your entire SQL database.

Tour Our Platform

Take a customized tour of our platform to learn how BEAM gives you maximum control over your data, providing you a secure and reliable system of record that drives success.