Video Media Center

Welcome to the Beam video media center. Here you will find information about how our software supports the needs of creditors, debt investors, hedge funds, debt buyers, and debt sellers as well as collection agencies.

What is BEAM?

For more than 30 years, the Beam Software Team has been developing innovative financial services technology with advanced functionality that meets the unique needs of agencies, debt buyers and other receivables management firms.


BEAM is at the forefront of providing its agency clients with the tools for staying ahead of ever-evolving requirements. This video illustrates how agencies benefit from an intuitive system of record software with specialized features for collection agencies.

Debt Buyers

BEAM integrates a powerful array of functionality tying together the tools and data sources required to track, measure, and improve performance and increase net portfolio income. In this video, we showcase visibility into your portfolio data with insight and control to make more informed placement and recall decisions.