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A Sophisticated Solution
for Collection Software

A Sophisticated Solution
for Collection Software


BEAM is a sophisticated software solution for any receivables management firm. Our comprehensive and secure platform includes the features and functionality that originating creditors, debt buyers, and collection agencies need to streamline their processes and increase profitability.


Easily create placements, manage account balances, and analyze data for your collection agency and law firm networks using our secure data connection tools.

Security and Compliance

BEAM offers the flexibility to secure sensitive data by hosting your database in either our Microsoft Azure cloud or in your own private Azure data cloud.


Our knowledgeable team helps you every step of the way, assisting clients with onboarding processes, tailoring BEAM to your specific needs, and providing essential ongoing support. The Beam Software Support Team helps you eliminate timely, costly, and complex installations and rollouts.

Our Partners

Beam Software is now proud partner with Pagus
Beam Software is now proud partner with Matrix

Our Markets

BEAM is a highly comprehensive solution for accounts receivable management firms. Our platform is a dynamic account balance management and inventory control system that was designed to accommodate the needs and of creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers, and their investors.

Take control of your account data using our analytics and reporting tools. BEAM provides dashboards and reports with actionable insights that improve recovery performance. It is the right solution for account segmentation and collection, managing third-party placements, and integrating consumer communication channels.

About Beam Software

 BEAM was built on the principle that receivables management firms need reliable, secure, and customizable data management tools to improve performance and seamlessly connect with their network of collection agencies and law firms. Our platform is a financial and data management system that was envisioned and designed to be your essential data infrastructure to calculate account balances, track consumer interactions, and much more.

For more than 30 years, the Beam Software team has been developing innovative financial services technology with advanced functionality that meets the unique needs of debt buyers and other receivables management firms.

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