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    Debt Buyer

    Managing portfolios, sellers, account data, investors, and service providers is a complex balance for debt buyers. BEAM provides solutions that automate many of the administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on data analytics and account performance.

    System Features

    Our feature rich platform offers a drag & drop interface for ease of use while providing the complex functions needed by firms in the ARM space. We understand the unique system of record needs of debt buyers and have developed our platform to solve these problems. Account placements, investor reporting, and data scrub processes can be automated to save you time and allow you to focus on acquiring accounts.

    BEAM is rich with time-saving features. Our drag & drop interface is easy to use while completing the complex functions debt buyers require. Debt buyers have the need for a unique system of record and we’ve developed our platform to solve these intricate problems. We can automate your processes to save you valuable time and allow you to focus on growth through account acquisition.


    Data security is a primary concern of debt buyers and we help you to keep your data safe while making it useable across your organization. Granular access restrictions, geographic limitations, and other security protocol keep your data under lock and key. We are Microsoft Partners and provide our service in the Azure cloud environment.

    Safeguarding data is critical for debt buyers. BEAM helps you to keep data safe yet accessible across your organization. Our security features keep your data securely protected and ensure data integrity. As Microsoft Partners, we provide our clients with the option of hosting your database in either our Microsoft Azure cloud or in your own private Azure data cloud.


    Every debt buyer is unique. Differences in strategies and processes require consideration in the system of record. Beam Software understands these unique needs and provides the real-time support needed to keep you on the cutting edge. Our expert team provides world-class services that distinguish us from other software providers.

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