Beam Software has created a mix of tools that increase productivity and help meet the compliance needs of the receivables management industry. From our integrated data service channels to our automated SFTP utilities, we provide the features you need to simplify your business processes with close attention to data security.

We work with your team to ensure optimization of our system’s benefits for your business. Our implementation plan is designed to accommodate the unique needs of your specific organization. Each Beam Software client is assigned its own Dedicated Support Representative to assist in the process of starting with or converting to our platform.

Placement Management

Accurately managing third-party placements is one of the most important tasks for receivables management firms. BEAM was designed to specifically meet this need and allows users to seamlessly connect with outsourced vendors with added layers of accuracy and security.

Use our drag & drop tools, state licensing filters, and champion challenger feature to quickly create and outsource placements, all based on your proprietary criteria. Using your placement data, you can easily review interactive reports to analyze and identify trends to help you improve your bottom-line performance and results.

Accounting Driven

BEAM is an accounting-driven system capable of calculating a variety of interest and fee scenarios. Costs associated with collecting accounts can easily be allocated and managed based on the specific parameters assigned to each client or portfolio. This includes court costs, servicing fees, repossession costs, and much more. With BEAM’s distinctive focus on accounting, you’re able to customize the system to meet the unique needs of your recovery strategy.

Investor Management

Quickly generate investor reports and easily create complex investment repayment schedules. Our deep understanding of debt buyers and debt buyer financing enables us to provide a solution that meets these very precise needs. BEAM is a multi-layer investor management tool that provides you with the functionality to accommodate complex debt investment instruments, eclectic investor mixes, and special purpose vehicles used for acquisitions.

Reporting & Dashboards

BEAM includes hundreds of reports and numerous dashboards developed through our extensive industry experience. Explore our standard reports and/or request customizations. We understand the value of analyzing data to identify trends and can build completely customized interactive reports that will provide you with the data you need to gain valuable insight. Our platform has sophisticated data analytics capabilities enabling users to better manage inventory and mine data in a meaningful way. With the capability to save an unlimited number of queries and reports, you will save time by more efficiently exploring your data.

Global Search

Our Global Search tool enables users to easily find information across tables and fields in the system. It allows agents to find individual accounts in a more efficient manner, retrieving current data when it’s needed.

Connected Data Services

Seamlessly connect with your favorite data vendors for scrubs, scoring, or other data services. Our integrations enable you to continually cleanse and improve your data without manually managing the submission and retrieval processes. Reduce opportunities for errors, eliminate potential points of failure, and simplify your data. Our integrated partners provide the important supplemental data solutions for improving account performance.

Data Continuity & Management

BEAM was designed to maximize data continuity throughout the collection and recovery lifecycle. Accounts can be securely and quickly transmitted through our proprietary BEAM process or through secure FTP drops. BEAM also rapidly maps file imports and saves templates for future use and reference.

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