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Beam Software is a leading provider of receivables management applications for debt buyers, collection agencies, creditors, and servicers. Check out our collateral to learn more about our products.


BEAM’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Module enables agents to quickly and efficiently contact consumers via one-click outbound calling and provides automated screen pops with each inbound call.

Debt Buyer

BEAM Debt Buyer Module allows you to streamline your business processes and helps you make strategic, revenue-generating choices based on measurable and quantifiable information.


Today’s collection companies share the common goals of improving operational efficiency and supporting profitable growth, while staying compliant in a challenging economy. That’s why more and more agencies choose BEAM.

Debt Buyer

BEAM for Debt Buyers provides unparalleled visibility into portfolio data and gives you real-time insight and control, online reporting, and comprehensive debt buying and sale information.


Beam’s InfoSync feature synchronizes consumer and account information between Clients and their Agencies in real-time as updates are made.

Payment Sync

Our PaymentSync feature enables Clients and Agencies using Beam’s platform to synchronize payments and postdates in real-time as they are recorded on the account.

BEAM Regulation F
Compliance Tools

Reg F fundamentally changes the way you can communicate with consumers. Let’s look at how BEAM may help you to navigate through the Regulation F landscape, using our built-in tools.


CIS provides a nightly update identifying those phone numbers in your system that have been ported from a landline to a mobile line type or vice versa.