The BEAM receivables management system is a powerful platform for individual account management. Creditors, debt buyers, and collection agencies all benefit from the complex account management features and the customizable data fields and workflows that clients can build.

The cost of our platform is based on the size of your organization, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes. Let us guide you through our system and provide a personalized proposal that will illustrate how BEAM can help you improve your receivables management processes, workflows, and overall business.


BEAM’s proprietary drag and drop tools simplify the management of account placements for service providers.

Create custom workflows and rules for individual clients or portfolio investments.

Security and Compliance

Our platform assists in managing the compliance of your receivables firm.

Host your information in our secure Azure cloud or in your own private-access Azure data center. Our flexible solutions give you options.


The knowledgeable Beam Team is here to help you. We understand the complex needs of receivables firms.

We provide the support you need to quickly evolve your business according to developing trends.