BEAM was designed to help receivables management firms simplify their business operations through fundamental data management techniques, cross-platform integrations, and deep data analytics. Our mix of proprietary features and functions solve the complex requirements of receivables management firms.

We can customize each deployment of BEAM to specifically maximize the value for each client. Our support team works diligently to understand the needs of each client and configure the system to help each client get the most from the platform.

Debt Buyer

Managing portfolios, sellers, account data, investors, and service providers is a complex balance for debt buyers. BEAM provides solutions that automate many of the administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on data analytics and account performance.

Originating Creditor

BEAM is the accounting-driven platform needed to manage performing accounts. With our creditor-specific features and customizations, originating creditors can simplify the processes of calculating interest, managing payments, and servicing accounts.

Collection Agency

With our platform, collection agencies are able to manage all inventory, client-specific work requirements, and reporting standards. Collectors work directly in BEAM and can connect directly to data resource channels.