Beam Software is proud to deliver innovative solutions and best-in-class customer service to fuel our clients’ success. We understand the challenges that debt buyers, creditors, collection agencies, and other receivables firms face during their everyday collection efforts. Our Support Team has proactive resolutions for issues that may arise. We track time-to-resolution metrics for each of our support interactions to continually improve all aspects of customer service.

Saving Time Through Dedicated Success Representatives 

Every Beam Software client is assigned a Dedicated Success Representative (DSR) who learns about his or her client’s business and its unique needs. It’s difficult to build a productive relationship without a consistent point of contact. That’s why we provide a dedicated representative for each of our clients. Each DSR develops a more personal understanding of his clients’ strategies and priorities. That understanding allows him to deliver a more comprehensive customer support experience.

 Clients don’t have to spend time reestablishing a conversation or bringing the support representative up to speed with each phone call. Since each DSR maintains a deep understanding of the client’s business, our representatives can resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

We provide multiple avenues for clients to contact their DSR including telephone, email, and an online portal.  We also provide the convenience of a case tracking system that enables customers to monitor their support ticket and Beam’s progress toward its resolution. 

Our Support Team is staffed by professionals that have experience working at a collection agency. And each DSR has actual collection experience using BEAM. This gives them the ability to communicate more effectively and allows them to easily see things from the user’s perspective.  

Action, Expectations, and Feedback

Our team is trained to ask specific questions, listen attentively, and engage in immediate action to ensure our customers’ expectations are met. Each DSR is taught to recognize tone of voice, tenor, and verbal cues that can give a better understanding of the problem and its urgency. We listen carefully and acknowledge the inquiry, summarize to reflect our understanding of the problem, and take prompt action to resolve the issue.

We welcome customer feedback and suggestions for software enhancements as well as improvements to our support services. At Beam Software, we use the feedback we receive from every support engagement to improve customer service. We also consider customer feedback before we make changes to our products and services.

Providing Integrations with Other Industry Solutions

Beam Software has built numerous integrations with other solutions including telephony platforms, payment processors, skip trace services, data warehouses, and letter vendors’ print and mail services. We work closely with service partners to identify potential integrations that will have the most impact on our customers’ collection efforts. 

Tour Our Platform and Learn More

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 About Beam Software

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Beam Software is a leading provider of collection and portfolio management software for creditors, debt buyers, and collection agencies. We help our clients improve the effectiveness of their ARM processes and increase collection revenue through their implementation of BEAM, our collection software platform.