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Credit Grantor

With the advent of a new regulatory environment for first party credit providers, it makes sense to turn to a collection software partner who understands the road ahead.  At Beam Software, we pride ourselves on forward-thinking solutions that facilitate compliance in this ever-changing climate.So what does that mean for the credit grantor?

Industry Expertise

BEAM is a total receivables management and outsource system designed from the ground up to deliver the tools needed to help your institution stem roll rates and charge-offs through advanced account management tools and workflows.The end result is maximizing recovery efficiency.  Our software developers, support agents, and executive management have decades of industry-specific experience, providing you with a team of resources that is well-prepared to meet the goals and requirements of your enterprise.

Security and Compliance

The new wave of increasingly ominous privacy legislation continues to burden organizations in the credit and collections industry.  Storing data safely and securely can be an elusive task that challenges IT professionals in any corporate environment.  Extreme measures have been taken to ensure the privacy and security of user data.  BEAM gives users the comfort in knowing that their data is safely stored and protected in facilities that meet SASE No.  16, IAASB ISAE 3402 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 control standards.

Technology Integration

Our development personnel can allow BEAM to seamlessly interface with your organization's system of origination.  By creating a bi-directional flow of account data, the two systems can work in concert to cure early out collection accounts and late stage delinquencies efficiently.  BEAM can even be utilized to easily stratify, package and sell your non-performing receivables.

Quality of Service

Our commitment to support is what truly separates us from the rest of the collection software industry.  If you have ever been "sold" something only to find out after the sale that what was said didn't quite match what was delivered, then you know that quality service can sometimes be hard to find.  At Beam Software, we strive to earn your loyalty each and every day.  Our team is dedicated to the success of your organization and by choosing BEAM, you have placed your trust in us.  We are committed to delivering exceptional service and a quality product in order to preserve that trust.

Feature Set:

  • Establish portfolio goals and track performance metrics against them
  • Use BEAM's built-in CRM tool to more effectively manage your relationships with outsource agencies, attorneys and debt purchasers
  • Allow Beam Software to create a bi-directional bridge between your system of record and BEAM for efficient data exchange
  • Sort and group accounts to be outsourced with a simple drag & drop
  • Let BEAM automatically outsource your accounts based on your vendors' collection strengths & preferences
  • Use the native champion-challenger feature to simultaneously outsource accounts to multiple outsource vendors
  • Effortlessly manage remittances, account exceptions & restrictions, and agency and attorney recalls
  • View segments of your business using different criteria, drill into your inventory right down to the account level and build strategies based on those account result sets
  • Access data and agency or attorney performance statistics from any browser or from your iPhone
  • Outsource or sell debt easily and effectively

Visit our Contact Us page and schedule a product demonstration today.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.  And you never know what can come out of a good old fashioned conversation!

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