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Debt Buyer

Debt buyers of all sizes in different verticals and geographic areas are focused on how best to compete in today's challenging economic environment - starting with optimizing their internal performance.  Whether this involves doing more with less, improving overall efficiencies, eliminating errors or responding more quickly to clients or investors, effective business process management and workflow tools can help organizations achieve these goals.  Enter BEAM.

BEAM is the complete solution to efficiently manage every aspect of your purchase, placement, liquidation and sale of debt portfolios.  Because of BEAM's flexibility, it can meet the needs of your enterprise to facilitate debt investing, debt buying and selling as well as debt forwarding.

Technology Suite

BEAM integrates a powerful array of functionality that ties together the tools and data sources required to track, measure, and improve performance and increase net portfolio income.  BEAM's ability to immediately move information to and from outside servicers, attach third-party information to an account, and transfer complete or fractional portions of a portfolio to agencies or attorneys makes it one of the most effective portfolio management systems available in our space today.  


BEAM's visibility into portfolio data gives you real-time control, online investor reporting, and comprehensive debt buying and sale information.  This is serious debt buying software.  Detailed audits on the progress of outsourced accounts are easy and through your BEAM Web Portal, all reports can be accessed in real-time from any secure Internet connection.

BEAM allows you to design a repayment schema by creating a series of rules that specify how money is to be divided between investors and your debt buying organization.  This rules engine calculates what portions your company has to distribute to which investors and what portion it gets to keep during the life of all the portfolios it has purchased.

Venture Center

Typical financial arrangements are not simply straight loans and usually consist of some kind of back- end participation or front-end favoritism for the investor.  BEAM provides you with the sophisticated functionality to accommodate complex debt investment instruments through every portfolio purchase.

With any given investor, investor mix or unique set of independent arrangements, BEAM allows you to save a particular structure to facilitate future, recurring debt purchases by the same group of investors.

Meet Compliance Objectives

Information security has never been so challenging.  In the face of more sophisticated threats and a rising burden of privacy and compliance requirements, IT must take control and protect data as much as possible while providing people with the level of secure access and collaboration they need to get the job done.

Effective measures have been taken to ensure the privacy and security of user data.  BEAM affords you the comfort in knowing that the infrastructure underlying your business critical app is hardened against security best practices, vendor guidelines and meets SASE No.  16, IAASB ISAE 3402 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 control standards.

Feature Set:

  • Easily navigate through intuitive, Windows® based screens with your mouse and keyboard
  • Use the Venture Center to save a particular structure to facilitate future, recurring debt purchases by the same group of investors
  • Create & track sophisticated payout rules that use netback, IRR targets, and flat-fee or percentage-based distributions to non-investors
  • Track & monitor loan balances, capitalized loan interest additions and pay-downs, and repurchase remittances
  • Using BEAM's built-in CRM tool, effectively manage your relationships with buyers, sellers, attorneys, and agencies as well as any otherorganizations
  • Map & import portfolios without difficulty
  • Sort and group accounts to be outsourced with drag and drop ease
  • Let BEAM automatically outsource your accounts based on your agencies' collection strengths & preferences
  • Use the native champion-challenger feature to simultaneously outsource accounts to multiple agencies
  • Manage account exceptions & restrictions, recalls, put-backs and keeps effortlessly
  • Quickly view stratification data to see an assortment of portfolio and debtor demographics
  • Access investment data and agency or attorney performance statistics from any browser or from your iPhone

Visit our Contact Us page and schedule a demonstration today.  We welcome any opportunity to talk.  You never know what can come out of a good old fashioned conversation!

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